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Get Her Elected fills a crucial gap in the pipeline that keeps progressive women candidates from successfully running for office—and winning.

Nowadays, there are numerous ways for progressive women interested in running for office to get inspired and learn about the basics of diving into the political arena. But barrier to entry for many women candidates isn't just what it takes to get into the race; it also comes down to the different parts of a campaign, like building and maintaining strong social media channels, getting strategic press, building an amazing website, keeping organized data, and more.

Get Her Elected (GHE) is an initiative where people from all over the world offer their skills pro bono to progressive women candidates running for office at all levels of U.S. government. Skill sets from our current volunteers include everything from writing, editing, and graphic design to web design, data analysis, and fundraising strategy—and that’s just the start. By having people with these backgrounds fill in these gaps for no charge, we level the playing field and allow progressive women candidates to focus on bigger issues within their campaigns.

Since its founding in January 2017, GHE has grown to more than 3,400 volunteers worldwide and currently works with over 260 women running for office all over the country. Volunteers come from all 50 states and numerous nations outside the U.S.


The initiative is run by Lily Herman, a writer, editor, and digital strategist who has a background in organizing and political engagement.

For more information, check out the FAQ for volunteers and the FAQ for candidates.

If you're interested in volunteering, want to work with our volunteers, or have other questions, click here.

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